MOROCCO, our beloved country


First, I really feel like thanking people from Rabat, from Descartes especially, for they voted for my site!
THANK U ALL, thank u million times, u just gave me the best grateful for my work !!! Be sure that I won't forget :-)
When I heard about this on RTM, I thought I would cry ...

This is our beloved king, gone not long ago .... Desperating moment for all of us.
This King represents for many of us our childhood, all our past, our high school years and
looking at him is like facing a part of what we are.


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Take a look a few seconds at this special picture (the big one),
many others will appear very soon and they're amazing !

Second, I wanted long time ago to present my loving School but someone did it before me, and much better that I could ever do it: Madani Said, known as Madmax, with his site : High Schools in Morroco.
A real pearl on the Web for it allows us to find back our oldest friends !

Ok, I presented u Casablanca not long ago ... Now, I'm dying to open a page about Morocco, the country of million colors and smells. It will take me time, so be patient. I'll do my best to create it when I'll come back, broken, from my job ! I love pictures ...
U're starting to know it now, hehe ... So I'll look after some that will "speak" to me, I mean that will open the doors of perception :
A "bab" !

An other page about Morocco !

My childhood & The anthem

Palmolive, Cristal, Savon La Main, Tide

To eat ? & Casa

Stamps of my childhhood. I used to collect them.
They don't exist anymore ...

A week in Casablanca (may 2001)

Sea and Sun for ever & Sea and Sun for ever 2

Crazy of Casa & Moroccan pictures & Nahnah & Haaa, Cazzaaa !

Marrackech, 2002 & Surf the good spot & Surf the wave 2

Morocco is the country of sensations, emotions ... It's like an awaken dream, that never ends, simply never ends...
When you go in the small villages (called "Bled"), in the north or deep in the south, u meet men, sat in the sun, thinking, and their faces are poetry. Something, that we can't define with words, is so mysterious. What are they thinking about, what are their lives, eaten by years and heat ? For me, they're poets, real ones, connected to earth, to life, to the deep meaning of existence.
Because, they have peace, wisdom, experience...


When I was a teenager, I was more concerned about the land as itself. Because this country is beatiful like the sky.
But now that I got older, I think that people are the real beauty of Morroco.
They interest me more than everything, even if the landscape is amazing...

The pictures I put here mean something deeply special for me, each one, each time...


          It's never enough ! Trying to give an idea about Morocco is more than a challenge. It's a lost game !
No way to close the subject ! Except going there, for sure ...Want to taste some nahnah ?
Goooo !

A walk trough Morocco ... Click !

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