casa par l'oeil de boeuf !

This time, it's not a week-end, it's a total week that we have been in Casablanca....The 11 of may, a friday at 12, we decided that we would take our stuffs and move few days to enjoy sun and rest for a while (more than a dream) . Everything has been decided in few minutes, just the time to give some calls. Great, isn't it ? The only black point was that we had a scale in Brussels before arriving to Casa. Want to see, don't u ? Ok, let's see the pictures ! I have so many of them that i will be obliged to make many pages, so folks u'll have to click to visit Casa with us :-)

y fait la valise !

l'est pas content

martine attend

martine dodo

Frank with his long beird, preparing his luggages.

In the shuttle to arrive to the plane, in Roissy Charles de Gaulle.

Waiting for the plane, broken, tired, impatient.

Sleeping in the plane.

frank dodo

nous à bruxelles

passeport SVP

la map de casaaaaaaaa

See, i was not the only one to sleep :)

In Brussels, waiting.

Brussels, passeports.

Map of Morocco, in the plane !


Arrived in Casablanca Airoport : Mohamed V !

At last, we arrived. It was so great to feel the hot air and to see these tender places of our childhood. Frank's dad came to pick us up, because Daddy was in China at this moment, Mummy in Paris, Betty in Belgium, Mamita in Spain, Alexandra in Guadeloupe and Richard was at the beach in Mohammedia, surfing ! International family as u can see :-)


Anyway, so during those days, we have been to our old High School, Lycée Lyautey, to the Coffee just near : the Niagara, I took pictures of the place we were born, the Clinique of Val D'anfa, the Corniche....Enjoy the pictures.

casa, la vue

école, caca !

martine est née

View of Casa, from my balcony, at home.

Our high school.

The place we are born.

la corniche

la corniche, je kiffe

The Corniche, near the Ryad Salam, famous hotel.

The Castel on the Corniche.

poms2.jpg (10749 octets)

Héhé ! My favourite drink : Pomsssssss :))))))


mon oeil !