A visit to The Marabout a few kilometers from "Casa", on a rocky island that can only be reached at low tide, stands the Marabout de Sidi Abderrahmane koubba, magnificent in the light of the setting sun. The holy man was said to have had miraculous powers - and judging by the sick and infirm who come to visit his tomb hoping for a cure, there must be many who believe that it is true.

Casablanca is a very "speedy" town, everything's changing very fast and buildings appear like mushrooms.

"you get ahead in life by being helped along the way by others...
by you helping others along the way".
( It could be our quote in Casa. )

This hotel has a special meaning for me as my brother had his Bar Mitzva here and my sister married there ! I love this place, for me it's the symbol of Casablanca . I believe that we're not from a country but from a town and in this town , we feel special feelings for some places that could represent us. Thus, this Haytt represents me ! Peace is what u feel there, it's so clean, so soft, so big, people are smilee and friendly (not like in Paris !)...
Peace, Luxury and harmony...


See ? Those so different pictures represent as well Casablanca : this town is a treasure for it has so many aspects,
so many universes that u can travel in few hours of dream .

Our unforgettable HIGH-SCHOOL !!! Lycée Lautey I !!

Lyautey ... 5000 pupils and 7 years of my life !


This is le CAFC ... Our old sporting club and also a place where we had fun when we were young !
"Moul Brochette", my friend ...

I had these 3 pictures thanks to Laurence


The Megarama : the very new fashion cinema of Casablanca !

Maison rose

A famous house (Bld de la Résistance) // Casablanca Station
I want to thank you Laurence for the picture of the pink house and Régis for the one of the Station.

Here are the traffic jams of Casa, noisy and stressing but ours for life :)
I passed my driving licence there, just at the bottom of this building !


Tahiti ... Well, I've never been there when I was young. But I do now, during hollidays :-)

 La Notteeeeeeeee  Le Petit Rocher

La Notte, THE disco where we spent our youth ... Le petit Rocher, where go now, as adults (big fat slubs).

 Le Balcon 33

 Le Village

Le Village, an other disco near La Notte
(where I've never been cauz ....)

Le Balcon 33 .... An other disco where I've never been (guess why....) !
All those clubs are on the Corniche (the pear, if u want the real word).

Know where it is ? It's near the Meridien.
On the way to "derrière les planches", on the way also to the "4ème zouave".

Take a special look at this very little picture : Alex and me are sleeping, nude foot...
We had walked 2 hours on the hot side walk and our foot were totally burnt !
So, we fall asleep, completly out of order ! :-) [july 99.Morroco]
Each time I see this picture, I'm rolling on the floor ! Sport is not suitable to women !
That's the only conclusion I can give u !

Children, schools ... Warning ...! Traffic is crazy in Casa !


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