Martine aux Sablettes

SABLETTES BEACH : quelques extraits trouvés sur le Net

Characteristics of the spot : Click to see the picture !

Quality Wave quality > Fun wave
Experience Required > All surfers Frequency
Wave Type > Beach-break Direction
Right and left Power > Fast, powerful, fun,
Length Normal Day > Short (<50m)
Length Good Day > Very long (300 to 500 m)
Bottom > Sandy with rock
Tide Movement > Rising and Falling
Swell Direction > NorthWest, North, SouthWest, South
A little drive Walk > Instant access (<5mn)
Easy to Find ? > Easy Public Access
Public access Special Access > 4x4
Crowd during the Week > Few people
Crowd on the Week-end > Ultra-crowded
Champions > Many Moroccan champions come from Sablettes, like Mouhsine Agouri, Zoubir, Karim on body board, and Gappi, Sahoui ,Kilaji, Fafa, Borid, Bahaoui on surfing.
This spot is also the most famous for frenchies because 2 french champions were born and raised in Sablettes : Michael Picon and Yann Martin.
Overview Atmosphere > This spot is the most easy spot in the world if you want to learn how to surf......You can surf all the year long !
Comments Last submitted > June 2002