I'm sure u're starting to be pissed off by Casablanca and Morocco.
But I really can't speak about something else ... This is my inspiration !
Hard to believe ? Noooooo, not so much ... The pictures I've just put on this page have been taken by a friend of mine : Joachim.
Good photograph, hey ?? I met him thanks to my site, hehe :) I met also all of his friends. It was a very funny moment ! ;)

The pictures below are typical scenes in Morocco. Jacquemin, rue Jacquemin ...
Just near Lycée Lyautey. We all know this area so so so perfectly :)

Hehe ! want some eggs ? They're sooo tasty :)
U can even choose them !
In France, it's hard to imagine that we could buy only one egg ...

In Morocco, u can buy a piece of whatever u want
(even cigarettes : we call the seller "Moul garo")


Haha ! what do u need then ? Just choose ! I like his smile !

In Casa, people are so smilee, dunno why. That's one of the greatest pleasure ...
I think those little details really change our life quality.

So give a free smile :)

I wish I could put all these pictures in big size ! I'm obliged to make them small, so the page won't be too long to load.
I'm sorry, folks !

Great image ! I like it :-)


Want to buy great moroccan vegetables ? The best u can eat !
They have a special color, a special taste.
Maybe that's the real taste of life, of Nature...
U can eat at the seller's shop, just to try the quality !

Hoooooooo, bananas !!!
Imagine yourself eating them with sugar,
mashed with your little spoon :)
A kilo, please ! See this color ? Enjoy babe :)
Do u see the Coca-Cola sign, just behind the guy ?

This is one of pool along the pear : Tahiti !


Ok, I know that u will tell me : "Why, the hell, do U put this painting here?"
'Cauz I really like it ! That's the only reason and my favorite.
The second picture ? It's in Tan Tan, South of the country.
Camels because u'll see them in all the caricatures about Morocco. :-)

Want some good good meat ???


Hehe ! Tortles from Mâarif :)

La bouleeeeeeeeeeeeee !!! Vous vous souvenez ? Near the entrance of "behind the wall"... Derrière les planches.
J'adoreeeeeeee. J'y vais ! Besoin d'une paire de lunettes de soleil et d'une montre ...

The old walls of Casablanca. Après le tour de Corniche. Near the harbour.

I like the center of Casablanca. I come here often ... I'm a girl, I need clothes :)

Anfa's streets

Our Central Park

Zerktouni, with the Twin towers ....

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