Israel... promised land from time to time. Israel means "the one that struggles against celestial and human powers and keeps stood". The powerful knight. This world has his roots in the Bible, when Yaacov changes his name to this new one. A name that still arouses many feelings and opinions. A name, anyway, fraught with meanings...
Often, pictures speaks more than words. That's why i put photos of the land and a song, from Lebanon, of Fairouz : "Abaitek". As my mum is Lebanese (born in Morocco, never been there), I've been brought up to it. It remembers me all my chilhood, dancing, listening to it, in the living room of my home in Casablanca.
Oki doki, i shut up now and let u have a look. Have a nice moment, folks !

Zion, for the best...All those faces that run into my memory, those sensations that exist here, only. Israel....The Hanoukkia, Aviv and his irony, Shouk of haifa, Omar Dome...

FAYRUZ    Habbaitak Bissayf     I loved you in summer


Pessah 5761

Lyrics: Rahbani Brothers
Music adapted by Rahbani Brothers from the French song, 'Coupable d'oublier'.'Guilty to forget'. "In the cold days in winter, when the sidewalk is a lake and the street is drowned, a girl came out of her old house to wait for him. He had told her to wait but he had gone away and forgotten...She whispered away in the winter. 'I've loved you in summertime, I've loved you in winter, I waited for you in summertime. I waited for you in winter. Your eyes are summer. My eyes are winter and our rendez-vous, my love, is beyond summer and winter'. A stranger passed by and gave her a message: her lover had written with his tears. She opened the message, whose letters were lost, and days passed, years estranged him, while winter had erased the letters of the message ."

Akko, Saint-Jean d'Acre ...


Ha Kotel ...   


Jerusalem / Tel Aviv / Haifa / Soccer Team : Maccabee Haifa

Tel-Aviv, view from a boat

Ha Tayelet

Ha Tayelet, it means the pear, the paseo, la promenade

Haifa by night.

Yearning for Zion
As long as deep in the heart,
The soul of a Jew yearns,
And towards the East,
An eye looks to Zion,
Our hope is not lost ...


The Dead Sea...I don't like this name because this sea is not "dead" but salty...That's why the israeli call it "Yam Hamelakh", it means the sea of salt. I remember having swum in it, floatting, dreaming while looking at the sky, blue, so blue, blue like heaven...

Le Cantique des Cantiques (Roi Salomon) : merveilleux !

View of Haifa, from the top (we perceive the Bahai temple, with his amazing gardens).



Tiverias the wonderful, the poetic land...

""Quand je te caresse la nuit
Je caresse des guerres et d'antiques rois
Et des nations entières errantes ou pacifiées"
(Yehuda Amichaï)

Galileo the quiet green place...

Eilat, the dream made reality...( January 2000 )

"Pour l'amour de Sion
et pour Jérusalem,
je ne fermerai pas mes lèvres
jusqu'au jour où sa lumière
sortira dans sa justesse ;
tu ne seras plus nommée,
isolée, délaissée,
et ta terre, aimée,
réjouira l'univers" (Isaïe 62).

 Hanoukkia et Textes Sacrés

One of the view that gives me hope and strenght, may be one of my favorites. Yerushalaim, from the Olives Mont.

This is the holiest shrine of the Jewish world. The Western Wall is part of the retaining wall supporting the temple mount built by Herod in 20 B.C. After the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 A.D. Jews were not allowed to come to Jerusalem until the Byzantine period, when they could visit once a year on the anniversary of the destruction of the Temple and weep over the ruins of the Holy Temple. Because of this, the wall became known as the "Wailing Wall." Jews were again not allowed to visit the wall from 1948-1967 when it was in the Jordanian section of the city. After the Six Day War, the Western Wall became a place for national rejoycing and prayer, as the last accessible relic of the last Temple.