One friday, we decided to pass a week-end in Israel. We thought we would have a nice weather, kindda weather u see on this picture, but without the cloud, of course.... Yalla ! We took our stuffs and moved our ass...After many stories, we finally arrived. And, guess what, the weather was just a fuckin' huge cloud, without the sea of course :) !


Actually, this picture has been taken the day we went back to Paris. Never mind, it's an airport as well, nope ? And it's the same ticket and passport...


Frank's sleeping in the plane. That's obvious, we had a stop in Vienna before going to

Well, anyway, we were so happy to be there that I even danced on the table, at Moshe's ! :))

And, 'cauz he thought I was totally idiot, he prepared me a good coffee ...The problem is that I don't drink this kind of trash ! My grand-mother is a little british : I prefer tea :)

In Caesaria, Frank tried to re-create the story, with himself as Caesar.
I think my love should stop TV for a while :)

I like this picture. U can perceive the ruins of the Roman Empire ... Near the sea. The big great sea...

This is my favorite picture ...
I can't tell you why. It's our secret.

Do u know what is a "Kanyon" in Israel ? It's a big gallery. A place u can eat, buy stuffs...


Near Maccabee Haifa's shop :) I'm crazy for this team ! They're the best. Yes, yes !


...... and play basket-ball as well !

At last, I present you a puppy I found in Netanya (his name now, by the way) : a pintcher, mixed with a doberman ...
Written with 2 n, the doberman could be jewish ! LOL

The dog, in his jail, and me, paying hell taxes for him and so, furious !

An other one before leaving ? Ok. Clik on it !

Natanya, my puppy, and me