fishing ?                Again and again, hey ? Never stops this Martine :)

Lucky Natanya !

Just want to tell u the sweet and calm story of a week-end we had not long ago....Sunday, usually, we dunno what to do in this fuckin' town we call Paris ! We decided to go to Bercy, to eat and rest. Great, we ate a sandwich and lay in a wonderful park we've discovered. Here are the pictures of this sunny day.

La belle Alex
Hot, hey ?


Alexandra & Philippe, always smiling !

fighting !

Richard & Merry, always ... ! LOL 


Well, that's funny to see couples and to pull their legs,
especially when u're alone :)


Martine, always complaining !

alex & martine

Alex, Natanya and me :)

Natty and me

Trying to keep my puppy near me !

Queeny sister

Lion King

All the difference between sisters and brothers : 2 of them are enjoying life while the other is sad and thinking about another shity subject....


Art of love, art of life ...

les meilleurs goinfres

Having a break ?


Back home, before the restaurant :)
us again