Sunday, we took this road to go at my mum's, to tinker with some stuffs, 'cauz her home was kindda trash :)

I was smiling thinking I would tinker with a home ... Me ! Frank tried to escape from this work by phoning friends : his attempt totally failed :)
So, We went ! Can u see me taking the picture in the car ? Look carefully the third picture ....

Hehe ! Richie is laughing ! Why ? 'cauz he was happy not to come with us :) Alex and Philip worked like hell, look at them suffering and paining with the cupboard ! Hey, remember, I told u Philip was this kind of guys that are always smiling, even when they work like dogs !

Suffering again while I was quietly taking the pictures, hahaha ! I'm sooo lazy :)
Frank, drinking his eternal Ice Tea Peach, to refresh his will to work. Then, late, we took the way back home, tired and pissed of by Paris !
Paris, city of lovers, city of lights ... blah blah blah .... Paris, endless work city !