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Hard to present a moooovie that everyone already knows...Oki, doki, i will try, no matter if u're bored like hell :))))

I don't have the pretention of making a real interesting stuff about it !

Just pleasure, u start to know me, now !

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                What i really liked in this mooooovie was the mix between grace and violence, illusion and

reality, love and hate, past, present and future. Isn't it a very good reflect of our lives ?

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Face to face... Facing the truth.


             NEO, The One...We all need a little one, don't we ? ( Laughing out loud )

            Matrixtrinitygun.jpg (5656 octets)See my big gun ??


Ooooopssss !!! Matrixbuletime.jpg (3324 octets)                                                           Ok, i see that i start bullshiting my page and it makes me laugh so much that i don't want to stop ! I think this page will be an other bad private joke ! As soon as i laugh, then everything's okkkkk , hey ?

Dunno why each time i try to be serious and to do something like adults do, it really piss my brain off :))) Lo, bemeth !

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Hey, look how long his fuckin' coat is ! Great, nope ? And her glasses ! I want the sameeeeeeee !

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Fuck, they're late and they have to save THE REAL WORLD ! Hurry up, lazy !