Surfing the web, I discovered a website that I really can't resist to share with u and thus, advertise.
This site is a treasure of Jewish humor !

Clik and go !
It's a "serious parody" ... Here it is what's written on the webpage
It could be the same than

But it's full of Yiddish references and humor ! Click on the links to read the texts and laugh ...
Want to know what's a koogle ? Want to test if it's really kosher .... ? ;-)

"Oy vey !" So yiddish !
Click on this touch and have Yiddish fun !
"Here's where you'll come to enjoy a little Yiddishkeit.
Make yourself at home (just don't put your feet on the furniture)."

Koogle even has a real certification of Kashruth

Well, Moogle doesn't ...

What's a koogle ?
A yiddish cake ....

They present it on the website ! I saved the picture for u to see it but you'd better go to discover the original picture and enjoy the humor of the text.


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