Yes, love only can free our mind from reality ... The miracle of love, the sense of life, the magic ... LOVE IS FREEDOM.


The lion king

Powerful, shinny, Richard Lion King is a symbol of Wisdom and Justice.

Like all the people I admire, he's protective, cultivated, philosoph and has an incredible sense of humor.

Very independant, he can get on your nerves when he "forgets" to call u during few days (just to have some peace).

Anyway, he's 24 years old since the 24 of july 2005 but this picture is a very old one (august 98, in Jerusalem). Sorry, folks.

Want the real truth ? He's a King ! :-)


Our first trip in Eretz (august 98).
Daddy, u're the Best, we love u !!

Look at Richard's hairs, exactly like Bob Marley. Rastaman hairs Vibrations Yeahaaa !

I know u don't care but this picture has been taken in Israel. It was an important moment as it was my cousin's weding (april 2000). Here u can see the Lion with my cousin Caroline on the left and my sister on the right. Great moment to share ! The real luck, the happiness, was to be together to live this particular moment of love. Besides, as Richard eats clowns everyday, he made us roll on the floor !

Obvious, the Lion King 's crazy for Bob Marley's songs.
He began to listen to him at the age of 9 and each time u want him to put some music,
it's the Lion of Zion again !

"Feeling so high, I even touch the sky..."

Nothing Really Matters

When I was very young
Nothing really mattered to me
But making myself happy
I was the only one

Now that I am grown
Everything's changed
I'll never be the same

Because of you

Nothing really matters
Love is all we need
Everything I give you
All comes back to me

Looking at my life
It's very clear to me
I lived so selfishly
I was the only one
I realize
That nobody wins
Something is ending
And something begins

Nothing takes the past away
Like the future
Nothing makes the darkness go
Like the light
You're shelter from the storm
Give me comfort in your arms

So much to give ....      

LOVE, LOVE, That's all we ask for, again and again...

maman et richard

This picture is an oooold one : my brother, Richie the King and my mum, sat on our oooold sofa :-)

I suppose it was in 1982 ... Aren't they toooo cute ?

Want to laugh about love ?

mon anniversaire    moi

Daddy and me, for my birthday (3 of november 2000), in Casablanca   // Deauville (11 of february 2001).

Rotary = papa

Daddy, I'm so proud of what u are, as a person and as a dad !
Dad, I love u so much !

This picture is particulary touching for me as this is my daddy the day of his Bar Mitzvah. He was just 13, it means :-)

Richard Lion King thinking and tired ...
(March 2001)
mon papa adoré
mon frère adoré

Jeune, très jeune ...

My favorite picture of me .... I was 14.

I need to put this video of my grand-mother on my website for she was (she's gone the 14 of february 2007)
one of the most important person in my life.

Mamie, je t'aime et t'aimerai toujours.